Progressive Anarchy, World Bank Yes, Soviets In Afghanistan

December 27: On This Progressive Day
Namba Daisuke, a Japanese student, tries to assassinate the Prince Regent Hirohito (1923)

Soviet General Secretary Joseph Stalin orders the "liquidation of the kulaks as a class" in an effort to spread socialism to the countryside (1929)

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are created with the signing of an agreement by 29 nations (1945)

Soviet Union invades the so-called Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (1979)

Palestinian jihadists kill eighteen people inside Rome, Italy and Vienna, Austria airports (1985)

The so-called People's Republic of China is granted permanent normal trade relations with the U.S. (2001)

al-Qaeda jihadi terrorists assassinate former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, the second attempt in two months; a total of 164 people were killed and at least 450 wounded (2007)

On the Day of Ashura, Iran's Islamist government security forces fire upon peaceful demonstrators in Tehran (2009)

b: Thomas Menino (1942), Cokie Roberts (1943), Fabian Núñez (1966); d: Benazir Bhutto (2007)

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