Susan Collins Born, Yasser Arafat Lies, O-Jobless

December 7: On This Progressive Day
Max Planck, in his house at Grunewald, on the outskirts of Berlin, discovers the law of black body emission (1900)

The Imperial Japanese Navy attacks the U.S. Pacific Fleet and its defending Army Air Forces and Marine air forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (1941)

Yasser Arafat recognizes (nod-nod, wink-wink) the right of Israel to exist (1988)

President B. Hussein Obama holds a news conference for his annual Christmastime demagoguery on the high, new-normal joblessness resulting from progressive, job-killing tax and regulatory policies (2010)

b: Marcus Tullius Cicero (43 BC), Susan Collins (1952); d: Rube Goldberg (1970), Abu-Zaid al Kuwaiti (2012)

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