Cunning Progs Try To Run From Obama

Hard Left WH has tagged '14 Dems, RINOs


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Hoover Dam On, HillRod Born, Moscow Theater Hostages Dead

October 26: On This Progressive Day
The first electric generator at Hoover Dam went into full operation (1936)

"Baby Fae" receives a heart transplant from a baboon (1984)

The U.S. passes the USA PATRIOT Act into law (2001)

Approximately 50 Chechen terrorists and 150 hostages die when Russian Spetsnaz storm a theater at the House of Culture (DK) of State Ball-Bearing Plant Number 1 in the Dubrovka area of Moscow, which had been occupied by the terrorists during a performance of Nord-Ost three days before (2002)

President B. Hussein Obama travels to gives an anti-war speech to servicemen and women at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, in Jacksonville, Florida (2009)

b: Georges Danton (1759), Nestor Makhno (1888), Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1919), Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham (1922), Hillary Rodham Clinton (1947), Evo Morales (1959); d: Harry Payne Whitney (1930), Eloy GutiĆ©rrez Menoyo (2012)

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