John Paul Getty III's Ear, Clintons ❤ NorKs, Obama Ends War

October 21: On This Progressive Day
A five-month strike by United Mine Workers ends in the U.S. (1902)

7,000 Serbs shot in Kragujevac, Serbia by National Socialist Workers Party (Nazi) Germans (1944)

Argentine military officer Juan Perón married actress Evita (1945)

John Paul Getty III's cut-off ear is sent to a newspaper in Rome by his kidnappers, but due to a postal strike it doesn't arrive until November 8 (1973)

Under the Clinton Administration, North Korea and the U.S. sign an agreement that requires N. Korea to stop its nuclear weapons program and agree to inspections (1994)

President B. Hussein Obama meets with Senator John Kerry in the Oval Office to discuss pulling out of the war in Afghanistan (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama declares peace, announcing that the Iraq War will be over by year-end (2011)

b: Alfred Nobel (1833), Kim Kardashian (1980); d: Jack Kerouac (1969), Vulko Chervenkov (1980), Jim Garrison (1992), George McGovern (2012)

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