Progressive France, Louis Brandeis Dead, Derrick Bell Dead

October 5: On This Progressive Day
Jews are expelled from Lower Bavaria by order of Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria (1450)

Christianity is disestablished in France (1793)

Germany, under National Socialist Workers Party (Nazi) rule, invalidates Jews' passports (1938)

A six month strike by Hollywood set decorators turns into a bloody riot at the gates of Warner Brothers' studios (1945)

The Public Broadcasting Service is founded (1970)

President B. Hussein Obama gives a speech about Obamacare, using doctors as props, at the Rose Garden of the White House (2009)

Along with SLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden, President B. Hussein Obama hosts the first ever White House Summit of Community Colleges (2010)

b: Fritz Fischer (1912), Philip Berrigan (1923); d: Louis Brandeis (1941), Derrick A. Bell (2011)

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