How Obama Controls The News

Most folks don't know about the Ministry of Truth


(story "White House Dictates Changes to Pool Reports" at moonbattery.com)

Émile Henry Born, The Wilsonian Era, Fidel ❤ Soviets

September 26: On This Progressive Day
Under the Progressive Era's most progressive President, Woodrow Wilson, the Federal Trade Commission is established (1914)

Fidel Castro announces Cuba's support for the U.S.S.R. (1960)

Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov averts a worldwide nuclear war by correctly identifying a report of an incoming nuclear missile as a computer error and not an American first strike (1983)

About 20,000 anti-globalization protesters turn violent during the IMF and World Bank summits in Prague (2000)

b: Leo Deutsch (1855), Émile Henry (1872), Martin Heidegger (1889), Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (1936), Valentin Pavlov (1937), Andrea Dworkin (1946), Christine Todd Whitman (1946); d: Nicu Ceaușescu (1996), Iva Toguri D'Aquino (2006)

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