George Jackson Born, Auschwitz Gas, Checkers Speech

September 23: On This Progressive Day
Fall of Tripolitsa, Greece, and massacre of 30,000 Turks (1821)

The first gas murder experiments are conducted at Auschwitz (1941)

Richard Nixon makes his "Checkers speech" (1952)

The Nazi (National German Socialist Workers Party) puppet state the Italian Social Republic is founded (1943)

Celebrate Bisexuality Day is first observed in the United States (1999)

President B. Hussein Obama gives his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly, and speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama travels to New York City and gives another teleprompted speech at the United Nations General Assembly (2010)

President B. Hussein Obama holds a tête-à-tête with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan at The White House (2013)

b: Walter Lippmann (1889), George Jackson (1941), Angela Maria DiFranco; d: Sigmund Freud (1939), Carl Rowan (2000)

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