Margaret Sanger Born, Teddy Promoted, Major League Collective Bargaining

September 14: On This Progressive Day
President William McKinley dies after an assassination attempt on September 6, and is succeeded by our first Progressive Preezy, Republican Theodore Roosevelt (1901)

Russia is officially proclaimed a so-called republic (1917)

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is founded (1960)

The Major League Baseball season is canceled because of a labor strike (1994)

In a referendum, Estonia approves joining the European Union (2003)

President B. Hussein Obama speaks about his first financial crisis and The New Normal at Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York City (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama delivers his second annual Back-to-School speech (2010)

President B. Hussein Obama receives members of the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer Paralympics at The White House (2012)

At Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, President B. Hussein Obama plays his 144th round of golf as POTUS (2013)

b: Margaret Sanger (1879), Dmitry Medvedev (1965); d: Bachir Gemayel (1982), Paul Joseph James Martin (1992), Jody Powell (2009)

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