Communism Peak Scaled, Auschwitz Gas, Quemoy Shelled

September 3: On This Progressive Day
San Marino, the world's oldest republic still in existence, is founded by Saint Marinus (301)

Yevgeniy Abalakov reaches Communism Peak - the highest point of the Soviet Union (1933)

Start of gassings in the Auschwitz concentration camp (1941)

The People's Liberation Army begin shelling the ROC-controlled islands of Quemoy (1954)

Russia and the People's Republic of China agree to de-target their nuclear weapons against each other (1994)

Beslan hostage crisis ends with the deaths of over 300 people, 186 of which are children slain by typical Islamic militants (2004)

b: Maurice Papon (1910), Dixy Lee Ray (1914); d: Oliver Cromwell (1658), e.e. cummings (1962)

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