Henry George Born, Astray Over Yerevan, Hồ Chi Minh Dead

September 2: On This Progressive Day
Progressive Republican U.S. Veep Theodore Roosevelt utters the famous phrase, "Speak softly and carry a big stick" at the Minnesota State Fair (1901)

North Vietnam declares its independence, forming the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1945)

U.S. Air Force C-130A-II is shot down by progressive fighters over Yerevan, Armenia when it strays into Soviet airspace while conducting a sigint mission; all crew lost (1958)

U.S. recognizes the independence of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (1991)

b: Henry George (1839), Werner von Blomberg (1878), Benjamin Aaron (1915), Ahmad Shah Massoud (1953); d: Hồ Chi Minh (1969)

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