E.F. Schumacher Born, LBJ's Vietnam Putsch, Idi Amin Dead

On This Progressive Day: August 16
The Communist Party is banned in German-occupied Norway (1940)

A coup d'état replaces Duong Van Minh with General Nguyen Khanh as President of South Vietnam (1964)

The House Un-American Activities Committee begins investigations of Americans who have aided the Viet Cong. Anti-war demonstrators disrupt the meeting and 50 people are arrested (1966)

President B. Hussein Obama, FLOTUS, and family take Air Force 1 on a jaunt to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for another victory-year photo-op (2009)

b: George Meany (1894), E. F. Schumacher (1911), Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (1954); d: Harry Dexter White (1948), Abu Nidal (2002), Idi Amin (2003)

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