Ruling Class Will Not Rest

Luxurious 3-week Aug. vacay on Martha's Vineyard is all business-as-usual


LBJ's War On, Angela Davis's Gun, Brotherhood Bombs U.S. Embassies

On This Progressive Day: August 7
The United States Department of War is established (1789)

Simón Bolívar triumphs over Spain in the Battle of Boyacá (1819)

The U.S. Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution giving U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson broad war powers to deal with North Vietnamese attacks on American forces (1964)

Radical leftists trigger "race riots" in Lansing, Michigan (1966)

California judge Harold Haley is taken hostage in his courtroom and killed, using a weapon provided by modern folk-hero Angela Davis, during in an effort to free George Jackson from police custody (1970)

Jihadi terrorist bombings at U.S. embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya kill at least 212 people (1998)

The Chechnya-based Islamic International Brigade invades the neighboring Russian Dagestan (1999)

President B. Hussein Obama gives a statement in the Rose Garden concerning the Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly unemployment figures; which henceforth will be adjusted for his partisan political purposes (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama stages a photo-op "interview" by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show (2013)

b: Frank Fitzsimmons (1908), Jonathan Pollard (1954), Mickey Leland (1989), Mark Hatfield (2011)

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