Obama: Lipstick On A Pig

The New Normal keeps getting worse and worse


Che Guevara Wanders, Iran ❤ Sharia Law, Free Abu Qatada

On This Progressive Day: July 7
Che Guevara sets out on a trip through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador (1953)

Institution of sharia law in Iran (1980)

A scandal breaks out in the United Kingdom when news reports accuse MI6 of sheltering Abu Qatada, the European leader of Al-Qaeda (2002)

The United Communist Party of Armenia is formed (2003)

A series of four explosions occurs on London's transport system killing 56 people including four Islamic suicide bombers and injuring over 700 others (2005)

President B. Hussein Obama meets in Russia with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and with former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev (2009)

b: Ben Linder (1959); d: Mary Surratt, Lewis Paine, David Herold (1865), Max Horkheimer (1973)

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