Raúl Castro Born, Tiananmen Square Force, Ruhollah Khomeini Dead

On This Progressive Day: June 3
Trade unionists in Vanuatu found the Vanuatu Labour Party (1987)

The government of The People's Republic of China sends troops to force protesters out of Tiananmen Square after seven weeks of occupation (1989)

President B. Hussein Obama visits with King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia on his way to Cairo, Egypt to make a speech introducing himself as Islamist POTUS to the Muslim world (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama delivers teleprompted remarks to the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue at a reception held by the architect of his foreign policy, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2010)

The trial of U.S. Army private formerly known as Bradley Manning for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks begins in Fort Meade, Maryland (2013)

b: Martin Gottfried Weiss (1905), Raúl Castro (1931), Anderson Cooper (1967); d: Hristo Botev (1876), Ruhollah Khomeini (1989), Jack Kevorkian (2011), Frank Lautenberg (2013)

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