In Celebration of Karl Marx's Birthday

Hard Left Progs in Big Ed always promote The Cause


(via "Open Thread" at moonbattery.com)

Karl Marx Born, John Sweeney Born, Mussolini's Ethiopia

On This Progressive Day: May 5
Cinco de Mayo: troops led by Ignacio Zaragoza halt a French invasion in the Battle of Puebla in Mexico (1862)

Italian troops occupy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (1936)

Emperor Haile Selassie returns to Addis Ababa, since commemorated as Liberation Day or Patriots' Victory Day (1941)

Mass protests in Greece erupt in response to austerity measures imposed by the government as a result of the Greek debt crisis (2010)

President B. Hussein Obama reads telepromted "remarks" at a Cinco de Mayo reception in the Rose Garden (2010)

b: Karl Marx (1818), John Sweeney (1934); d: Napoleon I (1821), Horst Schumann (1983)

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