Lenin Regresa, I've Been to the Mountaintop, Ron Brown Dead

On this day: April 3
Vladimir Lenin arrives in Russia from exile, marking the beginning of Bolshevik leadership in the Russian Revolution (1917)

Joseph Stalin becomes the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1922)

President Harry S Truman signs the Marshall Plan, authorizing $5 billion in aid for 16 countries (1948)

Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech (1968)

President B. Hussein Obama lectures at the Denver Police Academy promoting measures to regulate firearm ownership (2013)

b: William Marcy Tweed (1823); d: Jesse James (1882), Bruno Richard Hauptmann (1936), Ron Brown (1996), Saud Hamoud 'Abid al-Qatini al-'Otaibi (2005)

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