Obama Delays NCAA Final Four Mandate

Pent-up scandals erupt from our leftwing HardProg WH


Maxim Gorky Born, Paris Commune Est., Edward Mandell House Dead

On this day: March 28
The Paris Commune is formally established (1871)

In Pennsylvania, a pump in the reactor cooling system fails in the Three Mile Island accident, resulting in a nuclear meltdown (1979)

President B. Hussein Obama makes a previously unpublicized visit to Afghanistan where he meets with the country's president, fellow corruptocrat Hamid Karzai (2010)

President B. Hussein Obama delivers a big teleprompted speech at the National Defense University about ordering U.S. military intervention in Libya without Congressional approval (2011)

b: Maxim Gorky (1868), Edmund Muskie (1914), Zbigniew Brzezinski (1928), Neil Kinnock (1942); d: Edward Mandell House (1938), Dwight D. Eisenhower (1969)

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