O-Progs Deconstructed

Daniel Greenfield breaks down corruption, abuses of the governing U.S. Left


(via "Putin’s Contempt For Obama — on The Glazov Gang" at frontpagemag.com)

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Osama bin Laden Born, Buôn Ma Thuột Attacked, Libya Embargoed

On this day: March 10
Thousands of Tibetans are massacred by the occupying Chinese army (1959)

North Vietnamese troops attack Buôn Ma Thuột, South Vietnam, on their way to capturing Saigon (1975)

The U.S. places an embargo on Libyan petroleum imports because of their support of terrorist groups (1982)

Chas Freeman withdraws from his appointment by President B. Hussein Obama as chairman of the National Intelligence Council (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama takes his costly D.C. entourage to St. Louis, Missouri, for a photo op and lecture concerning his scheme to socialize health insurance in the U.S. (2010)

Bullying Progressives President B. Hussein Obama and FLOTUS host the first Conference on Bullying Prevention at the White House (2011)

b: Osama bin Laden (1957), Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (1964); d: Eugene 'Bull' Connor (1973), Konstantin Chernenko (1985), Muhammad Sayyid Tantawy (2010)

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