Teddy Kennedy Born, Union Violence Legalized, Daniel Pearl Beheaded

On this day: February 22
Communist coup in Czechoslovakia (1948)

Start of the People Power Revolution in the Philippines (1986)

Aldrich Ames and his wife are charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with spying for the Soviet Union (1994)

SCOTUS decides U.S. v. Enmons. in which the Court held that violence, if carried out in furtherance of a labor union's objectives, does not violate the law according to the extortion and robbery provisions of the federal Anti-Racketeering Act of 1934 or the Hobbs Act (1973)

President B. Hussein Obama holds a Winning The Future Forum at Cleveland State University (2011)

b: George Washington (1732), Béla Kun (1886), Teddy Kennedy (1932) , David Axelrod (1955); d: Felix Frankfurter (1965), Abraham Ribicoff (2002), Daniel Pearl (2002)

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