Ugly Collectivism Colors Economy

Obama, Progs force U.S. to make reparations for oppressive liberty


(via "Closings And Layoffs" at iowntheworld.com)

Benjamin Hooks Born, Trotsky Exiled, Saigon Embassy Attacked

On this day: January 31
The U.S. orders all Native Americans to move into reservations (1876)

The Soviet Union exiles Leon Trotsky (1929)

President Harry S Truman announces a program to develop the hydrogen bomb (1950)

Viet Cong attack the U.S. embassy in Saigon as part of the Tet Offensive (1968)

The first McDonald's in the Soviet Union opens in Moscow (1990)

President B. Hussein Obama speaks at the Alfalfa Club annual banquet (2009)

b: Anna Pavlova (1881), Benjamin Hooks (1925), Dick Gephardt (1941); d: Ernesto Miranda (1976), Molly Ivins (2007), Hassan Habibi (2013)

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