WH Performance Earns Prog Plaudits

Unsung heroes of Clinton-Obama Benghazi affair get belated recognition


More Benghazi stories: here.

Saul Alinsky Born, Tet Offensive, Obama Launches Middle Class War

On this day: January 30
King Charles I of England is beheaded (1649)

Adolph Hitler gives his last ever public address, a radio address on the 12th anniversary of his swearing-in as Chancellor of Germany (1945)

Tet Offensive launch by forces of the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army against South Vietnam, the United States, and their allies (1968)

President B. Hussein Obama signs a presidential memorandum launching the Middle Class Working Families Task Force to be led by Vice President Joe Biden (2009)

Former one-term President George H. W. Bush makes a social call on President B. Hussein Obama at the White House (2010)

b: Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882), Saul Alinsky (1909), Joachim Peiper (1915), John Profumo (1915); d: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1948)

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