Understanding Progs, Continued

Collectivism has always been the scourge of Liberty


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Benedict Arnold Born, Tito Immaculated, Air FDR

On this day: January 14
Spain annexes Cuba (1539)

Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes the first POTUS to travel via airplane while in office when he travels from Miami, Florida to Morocco (1943)

The first prototype of the MiG-17 makes its maiden flight (1950)

Josip Broz Tito is inaugurated as the first President of Yugoslavia (1953)

The Human Be-In, takes place in San Francisco, California's Golden Gate Park, launching the Summer of Love (1967)

President B. Hussein Obama holds the last so-called press conference of his first term (2013)

b: Benedict Arnold (1741), Maureen Dowd (1952); d: Sergei Korolev (1966), Georgi Malenkov (1988)

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