Secular-Progressive Sharia Grips U.S.

"Ruling Class Progs" cited
During the last two decades liberals have created a secular, politically-correct equivalent of sharia in America. The electoral mechanics necessary to accomplish this mischief are simple. The Oval Office confers coveted victim status on strategically selected groups and then dispenses special indulgences and taxpayer alms in exchange for their support. This creates a very durable political base willing to give their elected representatives carte blanche as long as they don’t mess with the gravy train.

Like its religious counterpart, America’s secular version of sharia is enforced by true believers, who after demonstrating fealty by going deep into debt during college to acquire the proper indoctrination, go forth as credentialed liberal evangelists, trained to call in media strikes launched against rebel conservative positions by ruling class progressives from the safety of their gated coastal enclaves.
(full story "Back To Work" at americanthinker.com)

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