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Andy Stern Born, Ordine Nuovo Disbanded, PLO Legit

On this day: November 22
Off the coast of North Carolina, British pirate Edward Teach (best known as "Blackbeard") is killed in battle (1718)

President John F. Kennedy is slain in Dallas, Texas: Why JFK Died and Why It Matters (1963)

The Italian Fascist organization Ordine Nuovo is disbanded (1973)

The U.N. General Assembly grants the Palestine Liberation Organization observer status (1974)

In West Beirut, Islamic terrorists explode a bomb near the motorcade of Lebanese President René Moawad, killing him and 23 others (1989)

b: Charles de Gaulle (1890), Rodney Dangerfield (1921), Andy Stern (1950); d: Jack London (1916), Werner Mölders (1941), James J. Davis (1947), Aldous Huxley (1963), John F. Kennedy (1963), J. D. Tippit (1963), Wilhelm Beiglböck (1963), René Moawad (1989)

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