Back The USSR, Remember Jan Opletal, I Am Not A Crook

On this day: November 17
The Russian Social Democratic Labor Party splits into two groups; the Bolsheviks (Russian for "majority") and Mensheviks (Russian for "minority") (1903)

U.S. recognizes Soviet Union (1933)

Nine Czech students are executed as a response to anti-Nazi demonstrations prompted by the death of Jan Opletal (1939)

The Screen Actors Guild implements an anti-Communist loyalty oath (1947)

President Richard Nixon tells 400 Associated Press managing editors "I am not a crook" (1973)

"17 November" is the name of a Marxist group in Greece, coinciding with the anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic uprising (1973)

President B. Hussein Obama also tours the Forbidden City in Beijing, China (2009)

b: Grace Abbott (1878); d: Robert Owen (1858), Ferenc Puskás (2006)

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