We Are Now Finding Out What's In It

Lofo America finally getting the news about Commucare


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Soviet Nukes In Cuba, Peaceful Yasser Arafat, Obama Troops To Africa

On this day: October 14
Former president Theodore Roosevelt is shot by saloonkeeper John Schrank; with a fresh flesh wound and the bullet still in him, Roosevelt still delivers his scheduled speech (1912)

Germany, under the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi), withdraws from The League of Nations (1933)

Eleven leaders of the American Communist Party are convicted, after a nine-month trial in a Federal District Court, of conspiring to advocate the violent overthrow of the U.S. Federal Government (1949)

A U-2 flight over Cuba takes photos of Soviet nuclear weapons being installed (1962)

Leonid Brezhnev becomes General Secretary of the CPSU and leader of the Soviet Union, ousting Nikita Khrushchev (1964)

Vice President Hosni Mubarak is elected as the President of Egypt one week after the Islamist jihadi assassinated the President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat (1981)

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat receives the Nobel Peace Prize (1994)

President B. Hussein Obama nominates Sharon Lubinski of the Minneapolis Police Department to be the first openly homosexual person to serve as a Marshal in the United States Marshals Service (2009)

In a letter to Congress, President B. Hussein Obama announces that he has authorized the deployment of "about 100" U.S. troops to Africa "to provide assistance to regional forces that are working toward the removal of Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony" (leader of the Lord's Resistance Army) (2011)

b: George Grenville (1712), Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890), Hannah Arendt (1906); d: Erwin Rommel (1944), Gerry Studds (2006)

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