Having A Great Shutdown!

Yes we can put 17% of federal BigGov on paid vacation

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Sidney Webb Dead, Lufthansa 181 Hijacked, Gus Hall Dead

On this day: October 13
Four Palestinians hijack Lufthansa Flight 181 to Somalia and demand release of 11 members of the Red Army Faction (1977)

The U.S. Senate rejects ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (1999)

President B. Hussein Obama gives a statement thanking U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe, and thirteen Democratic Senators on the Senate Finance Committee, for approving the Obamacare bill that takes over the health insurance industry (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama hosts his fifth state dinner at the White House (2011)

d: Jozef Tiso (1887), Sidney Webb (1947), Gus Hall (2000)

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