Preezy Now Slip-Slidin' Away

Can The Cause survive a full term of lame-duck Obama?
President Obama’s job approval rating among Democrats has averaged 78 percent so far in September, after being at or above 80 percent each month since December 2011, including a high of 91 percent in December 2012.

A new Gallup Poll conducted Sept. 17-18 found that the 13-percentage-point decline in Democrats’ approval rating for the president since last December is greater than the nine-point drop (53-44 percent) among all U.S. adults during the same period.

The Democrats’ approval rating has either declined or held steady each month this year. The last time it showed an increase was in November 2012.
(full story "Democrats' Approval of Obama Is Slipping" at cnsnews.com)
Barack Obama is not the financial draw he used to be; a fundraiser he is hosting at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City on Tuesday is asking attendees for only half of what they had to pay for a similar event two years ago at the same venue.

In 2011, the event required a $10,000 donation for a single individual to attend, but on Tuesday, that number has been cut to $5,000--and that can cover the cost for an entire family.

One source attested, "He's clearly not a cash cow (anymore)... He's made his appointments overseas, the secretary positions. That's what it is. Those high echelon jobs are gone."

Obama and the Democratic National Committee are attempting to pay off their $20 million 2012 campaign debt, and to date have only raised $2 million.
(full story "OBAMA 'NOT A CASH COW' FOR DEMS ANY MORE" at breitbart.com)

Journolism School, Ethel Rosenberg Born, Qom Gang

On this day: September 25
The U.S. Congress passes twelve amendments to the U.S. Constitution (1789)

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is founded in New York, NY (1912)

The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is formally proclaimed (1962)

President B. Hussein Obama and the leaders of France and the UK make a public statement about Iran's construction of a secret nuclear weapons facility near Qom (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama makes remarks to the United Nations General Assembly and the Clinton Global Initiative (2012)

b: Ethel Rosenberg (1915); d: Mikhail Alekseev (1918), Klaus Barbie (1991)

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