Obama Knows GOP Bigs Lack Moral Fiber

David Horowitz: Fight Fire With Fire
They say we’re anti-woman because we don’t want to finance contraceptives for upper middle class academic women. Our answer to this attack should not be to argue about contraceptives, which will lose us a lot of single women votes. Our answer should be: After 5 years of Obama rule there are 16 million women on food stamps. Two out of every five single mothers are on food stamps. Under Obamacare family health care costs are about to skyrocket. This is Obama’s war on women.

They say we’re anti-Hispanic. After 5 years of Obama rule, there 8 million Hispanics on food stamps, and 20 million Hispanics who are unemployed or no longer looking for work. This is Obama’s war on minorities.

They say we don’t care about blacks. Look at America’s inner cities. They are run by Democrats and socialists and have been for fifty years. This is their war on African Americans and the poor.

And so on. As I said, it’s not rocket science. It’s about turning the guns around. It’s about having the moral fiber to do so.
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New Prog Mantra: Allahu Akbar!

B. Hussein Obama uses any, all methods to level U.S.


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Poland Attacked, al-Gaddafi Regime, KAL 007

On this day: September 1
Nazi (National Socialist Workers Party) Germany attacks Poland, beginning the war in Europe (1939)

Revolution in Libya brings Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi to power (1969)

Attempted assassination of King Hussein of Jordan by Palestinian guerrillas, who attacked his motorcade (1970)

Korean Air Flight 007 is shot down by a Soviet Union jet fighter, all 269 on board are killed, including U.S. Rep. Lawrence McDonald (1983)

The Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist is founded, following a split from the Communist Labour Party of Turkey (1990)

b: Walter Reuther (1907), Ann Richards (1933), Mikhail Fradkov (1950); d: Albert Speer (1981), Ilse Koch (1967)

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