We Are All In Re-education Now

You will learn to think the way Progs tell you to think


RINO Season Never Ends

GOP's undocumented Obamunists face few serious challengers


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Eldridge Cleaver Born, Gleiwitz Attacked, Symbionese Liberation Fail

On this day: August 31
Nazi (National Socialist Workers Party) Germany mounts a staged attack on Gleiwitz radio station, giving them an excuse to attack Poland the following day, starting World War II in Europe (1939)

William and Emily Harris, founders of the Symbionese Liberation Army, plead guilty to the 1974 kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst (1978)

New design of the Oval Office is presented to the press, as President B. Hussein Obama announces an end to the War in Iraq in a speech (2010)

b: Eldridge Cleaver (1935), d: Dodi Al-Fayed (1997), Sergey Leonidovich Sokolov (2012)

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