Obama Creates-Saves The Islamist Brotherhood

Our Alinskyite Leveler-in-Chief pimps the so-called have-nots


(story "Deep Down, You Know Who’s Side Obama's On" at iowntheworld.com)

B. Hussein Obama: Typical Militant Fascist Prog

Only 9% back Odministration attack on Syria


Commucare for LoFos

Oboehnercare keeps getting better and better


Woodrow's War, DNC-Chicago Riots, Gorbachev Out

On this day: August 28
Germany declares war on Romania, Italy declares war on Germany (1916)

France and Soviet Union sign a treaty of non-aggression (1931)

The Philadelphia Race Riot begins (1964)

Riots in Chicago, Illinois during the Democratic National Convention (1968)

Iraq declares Kuwait to be its newest province (1990)

Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party (1991)

b: Viktor Khristenko (1957); d: Jean Marchand (1988)

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