WH Leveler Not Clowning Around

Progs must drag down U.S. to equalize global justice


(via "10 More appropriate and less offensive (in my opinion) depictions of Obama as a clown" at thelookingspoon.com)

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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

We Are All Criminals Now

Progressive really means authoritarian, fascist BigGov


(Michael Ramirez at investors.com)

B. Hussein Obama's Contempt For U.S.

Joe DiGenova takes on The Won's treachery


More Benghazi coverage: here.

Fidel Castro Born, Berlin Closed, Helen Gurley Brown

On this day: August 13
The Central African Republic declares independence from France (1960)

The German Democratic Republic closes the border between the eastern and western sectors of Berlin to thwart its inhabitants' attempts to escape to the West (1961)

156 Congolese Tutsi refugees massacred at the Gatumba refugee camp in Burundi (2004)

b: Fidel Castro (1926), Lars Engqvist (1945); d: David Lange (2005), Dobby Walker (2009), Helen Gurley Brown (2012)

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