Obama Urged To 'Suck It Up'

There you go again, Mr. Divisive Manchurian Presidebt


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Obama Didn't Do That!

Over the course of Our Prog Century, icons of The Cause set the stage for Our Lost Decade


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'Fundamentally transforming the U.S.A.'You would think they would be saying 'Thank you'.
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Obama IRS Agonistes

Disgraced President Nixon resigned for lesser violations


(via story "Heads Up: House Oversight Committee Hearing on IRS Bombshell Thursday Morning (Video)" at nicedeb.wordpress.com)

Pancho Villa, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Barbara Mikulski

On this day: July 20
Rioting in Baltimore, Maryland by B & O Railroad workers is put down by the state militia, resulting in nine deaths (1877)

The troops sent by Grover Cleveland to Chicago to end the Pullman Strike are recalled (1894)

Police in Minneapolis fire upon striking truck drivers, wounding fifty; Seattle police led by the mayor police fire tear gas on and club 2,000 striking longshoremen, and the governor of Oregon calls out the National Guard to break a strike on the Portland docks (1934)

Soviet leader Joseph Stalin consolidates the Commissariats of Home Affairs and National Security to form the NKVD and names Lavrenti Beria its chief (1941)

Harry Gold pleads guilty to spying for the Soviet Union by passing secrets from atomic scientist Klaus Fuchs (1950)

b: Frantz Fanon (1925), Barbara Mikulski (1936); d: Pancho Villa (1923), Felix Dzerzhinsky (1926)

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