In B. Hussein Obama We No Longer Trust

Stench of WH corruption penetrates BigMedia Prog narrative
In a Fox News column looking at the public's growing distrust of Obama, Chris Stirewalt extrapolated these brutal numbers:
- 56 percent of voters believe Obama did not try to rescue the doomed garrison in Benghazi, Libya because he didn’t want to risk his re-election.

- 62 percent agree that Obama’s NSA phone surveillance constitutes “an unacceptable and alarming invasion of privacy rights.”

- 63 percent believe that Obama’s Justice Department seized reporter’s records for political reasons, compared to 29 percent who take the administration’s national security argument to be true.

- 68 percent believe that the White House isn’t telling the truth about the targeting of the president’s political enemies by the IRS. Just 24 percent believe the White House line that Team Obama neither directed nor was aware of the targeting.

- 74 percent said that when it comes to openness and transparency, the Obama administration is either the same or worse than George W. Bush’s administration.

Don't You Dare Recall BigGov Bullies

To Progs, your rights aren't really rights, aren't really yours


Kay Graham, Imre Nagy, Ulrike Meinhof Captured

On this day: June 16
The most famous Young Pioneer camp of the USSR, Artek, is established (1925)

A Communist government is installed in Lithuania (1940)

Rudolf Nureyev defects at Le Bourget airport in Paris (1961)

Red Army Faction member Ulrike Meinhof is captured by police in Langenhagen (1972)

b: Katherine Graham (1917); d: Imre Nagy (1958), George Reeves (1959)

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