Barack Frank Marshall Davis Nixon

Inquiring minds want to know: Who sired our POTUS?


(from "Nixon-Obama: Twin Sons of Different Mothers???" at michellesmirror.com)

Victims of Obama Profiling Speak Up!

"The Truth is our Weapon" - IRStarget.com


Alexandru Nicolschi, Belgrade Declaration, Red Poland

On this day: June 2
The USSR and Yugoslavia sign the Belgrade Declaration and thus normalize relations between both countries (1955)

Pope John Paul II visits his native Poland, becoming the first Pope to visit a Communist country (1979)

The European Space Agency's Mars Express probe launches from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan in its first voyage to another planet (2003)

President Barack Obama hosts a concert honoring Sir Paul McCartney (2010)

b: Alexandru Nicolschi (1915); d: Karl Brandt (1948), Karl Gebhardt (1948), Melita Norwood (2005)

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