Only 8% Agree With D.C. Progs

But nobody really knows what smaller government means


Obama To Name New Libya Ambassador

What difference do 'bumps in the road' really make?


More Benghazi coverage: here.

John Dewey, Robert Mugabe, Obama-UAW

On this day: June 1
The Leninist Communist Youth League of the Karelo-Finnish SSR holds its first congress (1940)

The Farhud, a pogrom in Iraqi Jews, takes place in Baghdad (1941)

The Heimlich Maneuver for rescuing choking victims is published in the journal Emergency Medicine (1974)

The tyrannical regime of Robert Mugabe takes power in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) (1979)

A Hamas suicide bomber kills 21 at a disco in Tel Aviv in the Dolphinarium Massacre (2001)

President Barack Obama informs the American public that he has given General Motors to the United Auto Workers union (2009)

b: Georgi Dobrovolski (1928), d: Ion Antonescu (1946), John Dewey (1952), Nikolai Tikhonov (1997), Haleh Sahabi (2011)

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