Lamestream Counter Offensive Lurking

Is bugging the state-run media OK?


(from "Obama The Crook" netrightdaily.com)

Progressive Tyranny Will Not Be Probed

GOP Speaker John Boehner runs interference for corrupt Obama regime


(from "Sound familiar? Look at what Nixon was almost impeached for ..." at netrightdaily.com)

Related cartoon:

(from "Lurking Tyranny" at netrightdaily.com)

Why Did The GOP Turn Liberal?

Because many Republican office-holders are former Democrats


("Conservative Image of the Day: May 14, 2013" at thelookingspoon.com)

SCOTUS Oil, Afghanistan Fail, Yolanda King

On this day: May 15
SCOTUS declares Standard Oil to be an "unreasonable" monopoly under the Sherman Antitrust Act and orders the company to be broken up (1911)

The Winnipeg General Strike begins; by 11am almost the whole working population of Winnipeg, Manitoba had walked off the job (1919)

After more than eight years of fighting, the Red Army begins its withdrawal from Afghanistan (1988)

b: Herta Oberheuser (1911), Utah Phillips (1935); d: Yolanda King (2007)

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