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Manchurian, Islamist, Oligarchical Collectivist labels do not fully define Barack Hussein Obama

'An FBI Informant with the Weathermen' reintroduced for 2013

The war being waged against the U.S. by the radical left and Islamist jihadis is premised on the U.S. as the Western spear and Israel as its twin "imperialistic" cousin. It has been playing out for decades, in one form or another. Nothing has changed other than the fact that many escaped justice and are entering their senior years. Despite their advancing age, they are as dangerous as ever -- perhaps more so.

Bill Ayers, the foremost leader of the Weathermen "is in his third decade as a national leader in the movement to radicalize the educational training of schoolteachers".

His wife, Bernardine Dohrn, a top leader too "is a professor of law at Northwestern and a high-ranking officer in the American Bar Association."

Eleanor Raskin (ne Stein) "is a law professor at S.U.N.Y Albany and, astonishingly, a NYS administrative law judge".

Jeff Jones "currently heads the New York-based Apollo Alliance, a highly influential coalition of labor leaders and environmentalists, and was responsible for drafting President Obama's 2009 Recovery Act."

The list of "respectable" cover, of other "notables" in the Weathermen, is equally impressive. Through a stringently planned operational "stealth jihad", yesteryear's Weathermen have returned, fully primed to carry out their original goal -- the "transformation" of Amerika. Most significantly, they subvert the national interest from a distinctly dangerous vantage point. They are currently ensconced in some of the most powerful positions in academia and political life. The only difference is, this time they are dressed in "capitalist" garb, not only in their clothing choices, but in the wealth they have accumulated, paradoxically, through joining the "establishment". Who said one can't enrich oneself, but at the same time deny the masses/proletariat said wealth potential?

Highly dangerous in their bomb-making days, their capacity to cripple America, sans firing actual weaponry is that much greater at this critical juncture in time. Deeply involved in the "transformation" process, as promised by President Obama, many of them working inside the executive branch, while others operate through progressive think tanks, they want nothing more than to distance themselves from their bloody past.

Therefore, an omerta has descended from the denizens of the leftist media and their powerful organs.
(full story "Bringing Down America: A Review" at americanthinker.com)

Boss Tweed, Ron Brown, Hamoud al-'Otaibi

On this day: April 3
Vladimir Lenin arrives in Russia from exile, marking the beginning of Bolshevik leadership in the Russian Revolution (1917)

President Harry S Truman signs the Marshall Plan, authorizing $5 billion in aid for 16 countries (1948)

Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech (1968)

b: William Marcy Tweed (1823); d: Jesse James (1882), Bruno Richard Hauptmann (1936), Ron Brown (1996), Saud Hamoud 'Abid al-Qatini al-'Otaibi (2005)

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