1,414 Days of Obama Stimulus

No-budget Progs prefer Continuing Resolutions with built-in, ongoing $1T/yr cronyism fund


(from "What Sequester? Wednesday." at libertynews.com)

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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

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Obamunist Deadbeats Begin to Pay Up

A White House that looks like BigGov hypocrisy, corruption
President Obama has done a lot of talking the last year about Americans paying their fair share of taxes.

Apparently he means, "Do as I say, not as my staff does."

A new report from the Internal Revenue Service has just revealed that 40 of Obama's White House aides owe their employer, the federal government, a total of $333,485 in back taxes.

In its previous report the annual IRS audit accounting found that 36 of the Democrat's White House aides owed $833,000 in back taxes. The year before it was 41 Obama staff members owing $830,000.
(from "40 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $333,000 in back taxes" at investors.com)

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Obama Dept. of H8 EXPOSED!

WH enforces social justice by making extreme racism SOP in the official U.S. legal establishment
Today the Department of Justice inspector general released a report on potential Labor Secretary nominee Tom Perez’s DOJ Civil Rights Division. The timing of the release to coincide with his nomination was certainly accidental, because the report paints a damning portrait of the DOJ unit he managed.

The full report is here.

The 250-page report offers an inside glimpse of systemic racialist dysfunction inside one of the most powerful federal government agencies.

The report was prepared in response to Representative Frank Wolf’s (R-VA) outrage over the New Black Panther voter intimidation dismissal. In response to the report, Rep. Wolf said today, the “report makes clear that the division has become a rat’s nest of unacceptable and unprofessional actions, and even outright threats against career attorneys and systemic mismanagement.”
(full story "Breaking: Inspector General Report on Racialist Dysfunction inside DOJ" at iowntheworld.com)

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Obama Likened to Nixon Again

The planet's most destructive political leaders always fashion themselves as 'Progressive'
It is not easy to ruin the American economy; doing nothing usually means it repairs itself and soon is healthier than before a recession.

But don’t despair: there are plenty of ways to slow down even an inherently strong economy. History offers plenty of examples. But as more contemporary models, take your pick of successfully ruined economies — the Venezuelan, the Cuban, the North Korean, the Greek, the Italian, the Portuguese, or pretty much any from Mediterranean Africa to the Cape of Good Hope.

There are certain commonalities about why and how they fail. Let’s review some of them.

The Law
Top Down, Not Bottom Up
The War of Words
Everywhere A War
Success is Failure
Finally, I would double down. The more higher taxes, class warfare, bigger government, borrowing, zero interest, and political stasis began to slow down the economy, the more I would demand more of them all, and declare that the economy is expanding and growing. Again, the key to fine tuning a properly moribund economy is to stay the course — and learn to redefine failure as success.
(full story by VDH "How to Weaken an Economy" at pjmedia.com)

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Nikolai Bukharin, Điện Biên Phủ, Fulgencio Batista

On this day: March 13
Banks in the U.S. begin to re-open after President Franklin D. Roosevelt mandated a "bank holiday" (1933)

Viet Minh forces attack the French at Điện Biên Phủ (1954)

Cuban student revolutionaries storm the presidential palace in Havana in a failed attempt on the life of President Fulgencio Batista (1957)

The Obama Department of Social Justice outlines a new legal standard for detaining the suspected terrorists held at Guantanamo, dropping the definition of "enemy combatant" (2009)

In Atlanta, GA, President Barack Obama details his plans for fundamentally transforming the American education system (2010)

b: Walter Annenberg (1908), L. Ron Hubbard (1911); d: Susan B. Anthony (1906), Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin (1938), Clarence Darrow (1938), J. P. Morgan, Jr. (1943)

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