Friends of Barack Take No Prisoners

Obamunists will do, say anything to rule the world


(story "Muslims burn Catholics alive in Nigeria" at renewamerica.com)

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WH Confidential: Rules for Radical Insiders

BigGov-BigLabor collusion cited


Gigantic public sector labor unions identified as the Core Problem

The ultimate objective of the coalition -- which includes powerful factions within the Democratic Party and even some Republicans, extending all the way to the White House, is to fundamentally shift America away from a capitalist free market economy and towards a socialist economy.

These groups rely on power and control, and with their Big Labor allies providing funding through massive donations using money generated from members’ dues, they continue to remain in power and avoid extinction. In return, the Big Labor bosses need the politicians to make sure they procure sweetheart government collective bargaining agreements and favorable laws and regulations to advance union growth.

These groups are parasitic, living off of forced membership dues submitted to unions who, in turn, utilize these monies to elect politicians, who then pass laws, propose new regulations, reverse decisions and issue Executive Orders. All of this benefits the group and allows them to collect more money and to gain power. In effect, it is a circular money pump that allows the parasite to survive off the host, i.e. the American people.
(full story by Dave Bego at unionwatch.org)

Benjamin Hooks, Trotsky Exiled, Saigon Attacked

On this day: January 31
The U.S. orders all Native Americans to move into reservations (1876)

The Soviet Union exiles Leon Trotsky (1929)

President Harry S Truman announces a program to develop the hydrogen bomb (1950)

Viet Cong attack the U.S. embassy in Saigon (1968)

President Barack Obama speaks at the Alfalfa Club annual banquet (2009)

b: Anna Pavlova (1881), Benjamin Hooks (1925); d: Ernesto Miranda (1976), Molly Ivins (2007)

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