Progs Winning War On Future

2012 Deficit Was Actually $6.9 Trillion, Grew 30%
The term Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (or GAAP) refers to the standard framework for financial reporting that most U.S. corporations employ. The act of intentionally producing false GAAP statements is a crime.

John Williams, writing at ShadowStats.com, used the Treasury Department's latest financial statements and calculates the true 2012 federal deficit, which includes the net present value of unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare) at: $6.9 trillion.

In 2011, using GAAP accounting, the federal deficit was: $5.0 trillion.

Which means the annual deficit grew at a rate of nearly: 30 percent in one year.

Anyone who thinks this level of fiscal irresponsibility can last much longer, raise your hand.

As for you Democrats: history will not treat kindly your support of the people who are quite literally stealing our children's futures.

And why the feckless, cowardly, and pathetic Republican "leaders" aren't shouting these numbers from the rooftops at every opportunity remains a mystery for the ages.
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President Obama's
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Obama's Big Day Spoiled

Robert Spencer takes on Our Global Leveler
Barack Obama has overseen the installation of Sharia regimes in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. While paying lip service to the importance of distinguishing jihadists from genuine democratic forces in Syria and elsewhere, the Obama administration has offered no criteria for doing this. And now al-Qaeda jihadists in Algeria have carried out a brazen assault on BP’s natural gas plant in that country, killing at least eighty-one people and demonstrating anew the falsehood of Barack Obama’s recent claim that in Afghanistan “we achieved our central goal … or have come very close to achieving our central goal, which is to de-capacitate al-Qaeda, to dismantle them, to make sure that they can’t attack us again.”

Al-Qaeda is not “de-capacitated” or dismantled in Afghanistan or Algeria. Barack Obama’s warm support for Islamic supremacist authoritarian regimes has resulted in direct aid for Islamic jihadists, as Libyan jihadists gave weapons they received from the U.S. and its allies to their brethren in Mali, who used them to establish a brutal and bloody Sharia autocracy in the northern part of the country, and have surprised the French with the tenacity and ferocity of their resistance.

Obama has made it abundantly clear that he has no objection, on human rights grounds or any others, to Sharia regimes. Consequently, Islamic supremacists worldwide are considerably emboldened, as they see that the United States will offer no significant counterweight to their advance. One of the hostages taken captive at the Algerian gas plant recounted that the kidnappers had said, “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to teach the Americans what Islam is.”

Obama has made it abundantly clear that there is no sense in which he objects to that statement; he maintains, on the contrary, that despite such statements from the jihadists themselves, their actions actually have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. He has made this counter-factual proposition the official position of his administration.
(full story at frontpagemag.com)

Obama Ridicules Tradition Again

Progs H8 all history, even their own


Vladimir Lenin, Alger Hiss, Carter Pardons Dodgers

On this day: January 21
The Italian Communist Party is founded at Livorno (1921)

Vladimir Lenin dies; a lengthy power struggle emerges between Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin begins (1924)

Alger Hiss is convicted of perjury (1950)

President Jimmy Carter pardons nearly all American Vietnam War draft evaders (1977)

At 7:35 EST, Barack Obama retakes the botched Presidential Oath of Office, again administered by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, before four print journalists (2009)

b: Ivan Ribar (1881), Roger Baldwin (1884), Konrad Emil Bloch (1912); d: King Louis XVI of France executed (1793), Vladimir Lenin (1924)

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