O-Cloward-Piven Progs Forward!

Our Lost Decade triggered by 'Compassionate Conservatism'
During President Barack Obama’s first term, the number of Americans collecting federal disability insurance increased by 1,385,418 to a record 8,827,795.

As a result, there is now one person collecting disability in this county for every 13 people working full-time. Forty-two years ago, in December 1968, there were 51 people working full-time in this country for each person collecting disability.

Back in January 2001, there was one person collecting disability for every 23 full-time workers; by December 2004 there was one person collecting disability for every 19 full-time workers; and by December 2008, there was one person collecting disability for every 16 full-time workers.
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How Union Bigs Transform America

Adversarial collective bargaining makes do in today's competitive economy
While “everyone knows” that manufacturing employment has fallen over the past generation, that decrease has occurred almost entirely in unionized firms. In 1977, non-union manufacturers employed 12.5 million workers; in 2012, they employ ... 12.5 million workers.

Unionized manufacturing employment dropped 80 percent over that same period. The de-industrialization of America is really a de-unionization.

WaPo doesn’t explore why this is happening, but academic researchers have.

One major factor: Unionized companies invest 15 to 25 percent less in capital and R&D than comparable non-union firms. Less investment makes businesses less competitive, so they create fewer jobs.

Unionized firms invest less for two reasons.
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'Fundamentally transforming the U.S.A.'You would think they would be saying 'Thank you'.

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Final Solution, George Orwell, Immaculation

On this day: January 20
The American Civil Liberties Union is founded (1920)

Nazis at the Wannsee conference in Berlin agree on the "final solution to the Jewish problem" (1942)

Hungary ends its involvement in World War II, agreeing to an armistice with the Allies (1945)

Iran releases 52 American hostages twenty minutes after Ronald Reagan is inaugurated as U.S. President (1981)

Barack Obama immaculated as the 44th POTUS, botches oath of office (2009)

b: Hannibal Lecter (1933); d: George Orwell (1950)

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