Toxic Progressive: The New Regressive

Vast leftwing conspiracy cons lofo America into H8 for tradition
Obama is a Progressive -- not a vague “progressive,” the elastic moniker liberals started using when the word “liberal” became politically toxic.

I mean a Progressive of the sort that flourished between the 1890’s and 1920’s, and that laid down the principles and tactics that have animated modern Democrats for decades: faux populism laced with class warfare, disregard for the Constitution, and the desire for a mammoth federal government.

We need to recall this history to understand just how embedded in our political culture is the Progressive ideology, and just how outdated and reactionary it is. Doing so -- and studying the responses of Progressivism’s now forgotten challengers like Calvin Coolidge, William Taft, and Elihu Root -- can be useful for understanding and fighting the political ideology now running and ruining the country.
(full story "Barack Obama and the Bad Ideas of Progressivism" at frontpagemag.com)

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