Obama Progressivism Unmasked

Commucare exposes New Progs as The Enemies Within


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That Depends On The Definition of "Keep"

Typical false mantra sets the Commucare narrative


Related cartoon:

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Stalin Exits Lenin's Tomb, October Surprise, Farrell Dobbs Dead

On this day: October 31
Joseph Stalin's body is removed from Lenin's Tomb (1961)

Vietnam War October Surprise: Citing progress with the Paris peace talks, U.S President Lyndon Johnson orders a complete, immediate cessation of "all air, naval, and artillery bombardment of North Vietnam" (1968)

Amidst deepening economic hardship, The Obamas host a lavish Halloween party at the White House, welcoming more than 2,000 children (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama visits Cleveland, Ohio, stumping in the losing reelection campaign of Gov. Ted Strickland (2010)

Seeking to assure re-election, President B. Hussein Obama spends a second day viewing Hurricane Sandy damage and cultivating a budding bromance with RINO New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (2012)

b: Cecil Roberts (1946); d: Farrell Dobbs (1983)

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Congress-Obama Halloween Message

D.C.'s Ruling Progs do not listen to America


Commucare Backers Take Heat #ExemptMeToo

Lawmakers do not actually have to pass a law before finding out what is in it


Woodrow's War Over, Mussolini Appointed, Obama-Christie Bromance

On this day: October 30
Czar Nicholas II grants Russia's first constitution, creating a legislative assembly (1905)

The Ottoman Empire signs an armistice with the Allies, ending the Great War (1918)

The King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III, appoints Benito Mussolini as Prime Minister (1922)

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade / World Trade Organization is founded (1947)

The Soviet Union detonates the hydrogen bomb Tsar Bomba over Novaya Zemlya, it is still the largest explosive device ever detonated (1961)

President B. Hussein Obama cancels a 22-year old immigration and travel ban on citizens with HIV (2009)

President B. Hussein Obama views Hurricane Sandy damage with RINO New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, boosting Obama's re-election campaign and spawning a budding bromance (2012)

b: Grace Slick (1939); d: Günther von Kluge (1882), Donna Rachele Mussolini (1979)

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Obama Minding Our Business

Preezy Nixon resigned in disgrace over far lesser violations of individual liberty


Henry George Dead, Leon Czolgosz Executed, Delhi Bombings

On this day: October 29
Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of U.S. President William McKinley, is executed by electrocution (1901)

The first-ever computer-to-computer link is established on ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet (1969)

Bombings by the Islamic terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba in Delhi kill more than 60 (2005)

President B. Hussein Obama travels to Dover Air Force Base for a photo-op at the return of eighteen American soldiers killed in Afghanistan (2009)

b: Franz von Papen (1879), Joseph Goebbels (1897), Ernst Wollweber (1898), Yevgeny Primakov (1929), David Remnick (1958); d: Henry George (1897), Leon Czolgosz (1901), Joseph Pulitzer (1911)

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Lamestreams Bury Benghazi

Concerted, coherent Obama gun-running doctrine spans the globe


More Benghazi coverage: here.

Saying 'No' To The Progressive Plantation

It takes a Potemkin Village 50+ years to expose a BigGov hoax


Prohibition Law Of The Land, Fascist Italy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Born

On this day: October 28
President Grover Cleveland dedicates the Statue of Liberty (1886)

U.S. Congress passes the Volstead Act, enabling Prohibition to begin the following January (1919)

Italian fascists led by Benito Mussolini take over the Italian government (1922)

Black Monday (1929)

U.S. officials deny any involvement in bombing North Vietnam (1964)

Sandinista Daniel Ortega becomes president of Nicaragua (1985)

President B. Hussein Obama signs the Matthew Shepard Act in the East Room of the White House (2009)

A terrorist suicide bomber in Peshawar, Pakistan kills 117 and wounds 213 (2009)

b: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (1956); d: John Locke (1704), Abigail Adams (1818)

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Mormon Extermination Ordered, Davis-Bacon Born, Lula da Silva Born

On this day: October 27
Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs issues the Extermination Order for all Mormons to leave the state or be exterminated (1838)

Major Rudolph Anderson of the U.S. Air Force became the only direct human casualty of the Cuban Missile Crisis when his U-2 reconnaissance airplane was shot down in Cuba by a Soviet-supplied SA-2 Guideline surface-to-air missile (1962)

President Ronald Reagan decides to tear down the new U.S. Embassy in Moscow because of Soviet listening devices in the building structure (1988)

President B. Hussein Obama speaks and tours the DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center in Arcadia, Florida (2009)

b: Theodore Roosevelt (1858), James J. Davis (1873), Fritz Sauckel (1894), Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (1945)

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We Are All In Obama's Commune Now

U.S. regulars figuring it out: We've been fundamentally transformed

President Obama aligns with these forces undermining our Constitution and our freedoms in favor of pushing Big Government into every facet of our lives.

He is a statist who is committed to his ideology of redistribution, reparations, and economic and environmental justice. He is a globalist who is blurring the lines of our sovereignty for what he perceives to be the world’s rights to our wealth.

His views are extreme and he is incapable of adjusting to reality in a pragmatic way.

It is impossible to know what is in Mr. Obama’s heart but socialism is what he knows.

President Obama is the son and grandson of Communists. He was mentored by Communist and pedophile, Franklin Marshall Davis who was hand-selected by Barack’s grandfather to guide him.

In college, Mr. Obama hung out with the Chicanos, Marxist Professors, structural feminists…
(from story "Bill O’Reilly on Socialism and a Shocking New Book" at trevorloudon.com)

Hoover Dam On, HillRod Born, Moscow Theater Hostages Dead

On this day: October 26
The first electric generator at Hoover Dam went into full operation (1936)

"Baby Fae" receives a heart transplant from a baboon (1984)

The U.S. passes the USA PATRIOT Act into law (2001)

Approximately 50 Chechen terrorists and 150 hostages die when Russian Spetsnaz storm a theater at the House of Culture (DK) of State Ball-Bearing Plant Number 1 in the Dubrovka area of Moscow, which had been occupied by the terrorists during a performance of Nord-Ost three days before (2002)

b: Georges Danton (1759), Nestor Makhno (1888), Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1919), Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham (1922), Hillary Rodham Clinton (1947), Evo Morales (1959); d: Harry Payne Whitney (1930), Eloy Gutiérrez Menoyo (2012)

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