Jeremiah Wright Born, Vinnytsya Murders, Globaloney

On this day: September 22
Joseph Smith, Jr. stated he was directed by the Angel Moroni to the place where the Golden plates were stored (1823)

The first American-built automobile, built by the Duryea Brothers, is displayed (1893)

A steel strike led by the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers begins in PA before spreading across the U.S. (1919)

German SS murder 6,000 Jews - the survivors of the previous killings that took place a few days earlier in which about 24,000 Jews were executed - in Vinnytsya, Ukraine (1941)

President B. Hussein Obama addresses the Climate Change Summit at the United Nations General Assembly in New York (2009)

b: Tự Đức (1829), Wilhelm Keitel (1882), Rev. Jeremiah Wright (1941); d: Nathan Hale (1776)

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