You Are No Longer Free To Criticize BigGov

Post-Constitutional: The United Fascist States of America


Night of the Long Knives, Senegal Socialists, BigGov

On this day: June 30
The Tunguska event occurs in Siberia (1908)

The Night of the Long Knives, Adolf Hitler's violent purge of his political rivals in Germany (1934)

The Senegalese Socialist Party holds its first congress (1935)

The SCOTUS rules that states could outlaw homosexual acts between consenting adults (1986)

President B. Hussein Obama delivers remarks staged in the East Room to promote BigGov programs that have destroyed communities across the country (2009)

b: Oswald Pohl (1892), Walter Ulbricht (1893); d: Gregor Strasser (1934), Georgi Dobrovolski (1971)

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Warrants Are On File For Every Driver

We are all subsisting in a Liberal-Fascist police state now




The Cause Is Never Ending

Oppressed nation shackled by racist 22nd Amendment


(story at Big Hairy News)

Rasputin Survives, Stokely Carmichael, Cruel & Unusual

On this day: June 29
France annexes Tahiti (1880)

In Sudan, Muhammad Ahmad declares himself to be the Mahdi, the messianic redeemer of Islam (1881)

Jina Guseva attempts to assassinate Grigori Rasputin at his home town in Siberia (1914)

Carpathian Ruthenia is annexed by Soviet Union (1945)

The SCOTUS rules the death penalty could constitute "cruel and unusual punishment" (1972)

b: Stokely Carmichael (1941); d: Otto Seeck (1921)

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Transformational Bronco

But Lamestreams balk at giving WH credit for advancing The Cause


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Edward Carpenter, Stonewall Riots, Elián González Returned

On this day: June 28
Labor Day becomes an official U.S. holiday (1894)

Malcom X forms the Organization of Afro-American Unity (1964)

Stonewall Riots begin in New York City marking the start of the Gay Rights Movement (1969)

Political refugee Elián González is returned to communist Cuba, in a victory for Attorney General Janet Reno (2000)

President B. Hussein Obama hosts a reception in the East Room for LGBT Pride Month.

b: Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1792), Carl Levin (1934), Leon Panetta (1938); d: Edward Carpenter (1929), Alexander Berkman (1936), Robert Byrd (2010)

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Conservatives Must Be Stopped

Reliable GOP Progs serve The Cause


(from "New Republican Logo" at moonbattery.com)

Carthage Mob, Emma Goldman, The Mugabe Way

On this day: June 27
Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and his brother Hyrum Smith, are murdered by a mob at the Carthage, Illinois jail (1844)

The U.S. decides to send troops to fight in the Korean War (1950)

U.S. president Richard Nixon visits the Soviet Union (1974)

The International Court of Justice finds against the U.S. in its judgment in the LaGrand Case (2001)

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is re-elected in a landslide after his opponent Morgan Tsvangirai had withdrawn a week earlier, citing violence against his party's supporters (2008)

b: Emma Goldman (1869), Bruce Babbitt (1938); d: Maximilian von Weichs (1954)

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Obama-GOP Progs Unite America

In our Post-Constitutional Era, The Bipartisan Ruling Class wields unchecked tyrannical power


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The Great War, Jelly Donut, Cash-for-Clunkers

On this day: June 26
End of the June Days Uprising in Paris (1848)

The first U.S. troops arrive in France to fight alongside Britain, France, Italy, and Russia against Germany, and Austria-Hungary in World War I (1917)

U.S. occupying forces leave the Dominican Republic (1924)

President John F. Kennedy speaks the famous words "I am a jelly donut" on a visit to West Berlin (1963)

Two FBI agents and a member of the American Indian Movement are killed in a shootout on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota; Leonard Peltier is later convicted of the murders in a controversial trial (1975)

President B. Hussein Obama signs the 'Cash-for-Clunkers' bill into law (2009)

b: Willy Messerschmitt (1898); d: Max Kögel (1946)

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George Orwell, Stanford White, Sonya Sotomayor

On this day: June 25
Pittsburgh millionaire Harry Thaw shoots and kills prominent architect Stanford White (1906)

Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Colombia are established (1935)

The Berlin Airlift begins (1948)

Iranian Islamofascists perpetrate the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 U.S. servicemen (1996)

b: George Orwell (1903), Sonya Sotomayor (1954); d: George Armstrong Custer (1876)

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Bronco, Hillary Have Nothing To Do With The Cause

Limbaugh Theorum applicable to all Prog figureheads


Hard Work To B. Hussein Obama

Los Obamas exhausted from lefting all that is right with America


(from "Revealing the Reason the Obamas NEED Vacations" at thelookingspoon.com)

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