The Muslim Brotherhood Rules

Obama's favorite collectivist H8 group has operatives in many D.C. places
In reality, the whole world IS A BATTLEFIELD in the eyes of the Muslim Brotherhood, which consists of CAIR, Hamas, and Al Qaeda. The problem for the likes of Paul, McCain, and Graham is that they do not understand that America is also a political battlefield in the eyes of the Muslim Brotherhood groups here.

Again, this goes back to one very simple reality: The United States did not sufficiently identify its enemy after 9/11 (all Muslim Brotherhood groups in America and Saudi Arabia by extension). As a result and as a nation, we are confused about how best to confront that enemy almost twelve years later.

Until then, internecine battles like this one will likely continue as Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the U.S. remain under the radar.
(full story "Why do CAIR, Code Pink, Van Jones, and Cenk Uygur all support Rand Paul’s filibuster?" at shoebat.com)

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