Obama's ❤ for H8

A sulphurous whiff of the lawlessness ahead
Somebody explain to us why an official U.S. delegation was sent to Caracas for the funeral of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez. It only boosts our enemies while diminishing America.

The death of Chávez this week should have been an opportunity for the U.S. to rally global support for Venezuela's battered democrats and make a stand for democracy.

Instead, the Obama administration has done all it can to validate and bolster Chavez's gangsterly minions desperate to perpetrate their Marxist kleptocracy.
(from story "What Is The U.S. Doing At Chavez's Funeral?" at investors.com)

A recent Rasmussen poll shows 6% of Americans have a favorable view of Hugo Chávez. Meanwhile, 67% of those polled viewed the fallen leader unfavorably.

Far from Sean Penn's claim that Chávez was a great "champion" and one of "the most important forces we've had on this planet," these numbers indicate the Hollywood actor's adulation for Chávez isn't shared by his countrymen.
(from related story: "Poll: Hugo Chávez Has a 6% Favorable Rating With Americans" at breitbart.com)

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