We Are All Ruled By Ignorance Now

The so-called Free World is just about where The Left wants it
In history we have a real problem with the presentation of Nazism and even Italian fascism. When I studied German History, it never made sense to me to call these statists right wing. The further to the right one goes the more liberal people’s views of government control is, and what I mean by “liberal” is the less people want government control. After all liberal means not bound by authority, orthodoxy or even traditions.

But somehow Hitler, who is on video proclaiming a workers revolution in Germany, and Mussolini, who was a socialist and never quite stopped being a socialist, are far right wingers. Consider what already has been talked about here and how words have meanings: how can a National Socialist German Worker’s Party member or an Italian Fascist be right wingers? Yet in our schools, ever since before World War II, Mussolini and Hitler were and are called far right wingers; and history says they were not.

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister, understood how words have power. The quote, “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it” has been often attributed to him. The Left as always is filled with brilliant people who by their educations have been able to manipulate our language, and in turn other disciplines like history, by changing the meanings of words.
(full story "Taking Back the Language: They Are Not Liberals, They Are Leftists" at clashdaily.com)

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