Total Absorption of the Private Sector

D.C. Collectivist-Progs take a big step forward
Some have been saying for weeks that Obama wants to go over the so-called fiscal cliff. But why would he when Republicans will vote to increase taxes $41 for every $1 in phony spending cuts? Obama gets his taxes, spending, and bloated federal government delivered to him by a bi-partisan gaggle of Democrat leftists and Republican cowards.

And yesterday Obama promised more of the same in 2013. He’s all giddy now as he orchestrates the destruction of what’s left of limited constitutional government and free market capitalism. And, of course, he’s doing it all out of his selfless devotion to the middle class. He and he alone stands for we, the people. After all, he nearly received 51% of the vote, which to Obama means we apparently have no unalienable rights.

Marx and Alinsky would be proud of their pupil. The Founders would be in utter disbelief. We should be furious.
(from the Great One via therightscoop.com)

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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

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